Netherlands-based Solarge, a manufacturer of 100 per cent circular and lightweight solar panels, announced that it has secured €3M in new financing round. 

The investment came from impact funds and Orchard Participations, along with existing investors like Daan van der Vorm and Sytse Bouwer.

This investment will support the expansion of the Dutch startup’s production facility located in Weert, a city in the southeastern Netherlands located in the western part of the province of Limburg.

Boudewijn Poelmann, founder of and National Postcode Lottery, says, “We are extremely happy with our participation in Solarge.”

“Especially since Solarge seems to be succeeding in resisting the dump of panels from China, caused by the ban on Chinese panels by the US, India and Australia. Thanks to Solarge, the production of solar panels for the Netherlands and the EU is maintained.”

Promoting a sustainable energy transition

Founded in 2018 by Jan Vesseur, Huib van den Heuvel and Gerard de Leede, Solarge is a scale-up based in Eindhoven’s High Tech region specialising in solar technology. It aims to lead in integrating lightweight solar solutions into building environments. 

Solarge claims its solar panels are environmentally friendly with a low CO2 footprint, free of Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances (PFAS), recyclable, and customisable for partners. This approach, combined with competitive pricing, looks to transform solar applications worldwide.

Co-founder Vesseur says, “Our product is different on all fronts: PFAS free, low carbon footprint, lightweight, circular, unbreakable and made in the Netherlands. People and companies that really want to make an impact choose Solarge. Impact investors like understand this like no other.”

“We are, therefore, very fortunate with their participation because, in addition to the investment, they also bring a strong ambition and network. At least as important for further scale-up.”

“Due to the lightweight aspect, no less than 40 per cent more roofs in the Netherlands are eligible for solar panels. Roofs that cannot currently support the weight of the ‘classic’ panels, but the Solarge panels can. Furthermore, they are non-toxic and recyclable at the end of their life cycle.”

“We also think it is important that the Solarge panels are guaranteed not to involve forced labor. Fortunately, more and more customers think so too. Governments, the largest buyers of solar panels, are also setting a good example.”

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