Two Dutch software companies, EDGE Next and Sense by PHYSEE, have merged to create a new entity called Next Sense. The merger aims to boost data-driven sustainability initiatives in the real estate sector.

EDGE TechnologiesTimeless InvestmentsSHAPE Capital, and Job Dura supported the new Dutch entity. Last year, the parties worked on one platform to better map and reduce energy waste in office spaces.

Coen van Oostrom, Founder and CEO at Edge says, “The global market urgently requires a unified and standardised approach to reduce the carbon footprint of our buildings.”

“Next Sense is ready to fulfil this critical need. I’m confident that all stakeholders engaged with Edge will eagerly welcome the next-generation software platform designed to support them in tackling this huge challenge of decarbonisation confronting us all.”

What does Next Sense offer?

According to a statement from Next Sense, real estate contributes 37-40 per cent of global CO2 emissions, with only 3 per cent of European offices meeting Paris Agreement standards. In the Netherlands, 55 per cent of offices don’t meet mandatory label C standards.

Next Sense’s AI platform addresses these issues, providing detailed energy analysis for compliance with CSRD guidelines. It also limits energy consumption to 70kWh per square meter, aligning with Parisproof standards set by the climate agreement.

Ferdinand Grapperhaus, CEO at Next Sense, says, “In a saturated market, blinded by offers from single-point solutions, this merger not only brings together two companies and products but also connects two missions, networks and customer bases to increase joint impact.”

“2030 is just around the corner, so there is no more time to waste. Neither for us nor for our clients.”

Brief about the investors

Edge Technologies is a real estate developer specialising in sustainable, tech-driven office spaces across Europe and the US. In 2022, Macquarie Asset Management acquired a substantial minority stake in Edge on behalf of one of its funds, in collaboration with founder and CEO Coen van Oostrom.

SHAPE Capital, led by Daan van der Vorm, is a private investment fund specialising in growth capital investments. The fund provides financial support and leverages its expertise and network to assist companies, particularly those in the scale-up phase. 

Based in Amsterdam, Timeless Investments is the Van Veggel family’s investment fund that operates internationally, investing in real estate, startups, scale-ups, and private equity funds.

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